Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance Tour

Tickets go on sale to general public on February 9th at 10 am

Prices are $25 for the main floor and $20 for the balcony. To purcahse tickets please visit and search for "Tolbert Yilmaz" to find the specific shows you would like to attend.   

For Dates/Time and Audtion information please click here.

Calling All Girl Scouts - for information on a special Girl Scout performance of Frozen click here.

Parent Watch Day
We invite parents to come see what their dancer has been working on in class this year.     

Join us for the Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance Parent Watch Day this January. Please see schedule below for a listing of the open classes (all dates in January):

12th -  Tracy Vogt                      22nd - Pam Tiedemann
           Mary Lynn Taylor                       Hye Young Kim
13th -  Tracy Vogt                      23rd - Robert Gosnell
           Mary Lynn Taylor                      Jena Kovash
                                                             Kassandra T. Newberry
14th - Tracy Vogt                                           
           Mary Lynn Taylor             26th - Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz          
                                                              Veronica Johnson
15th - Al Morrison                                  Ansley Van Epps
          Tracey Bayley                              Leah Redner
          Jillian Murray
                                                    27th - Pumkin Harris
19th- Tracey Bayley                              Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz
          Peter Powlus                               Ansley Van Epps
          Brandon Sauve
                                                    28th - Roscoe Sales
20th - Jena Kovash                               Pumkin Harris
          Orlando Molina                            Kassandra T. Newberry
           Daniel Stefek
                                                    29th - Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz
21st -  Peter Powlus                               Leah Redner
           Jene Kovash                               Pumkin Harris
                                                               Kassandra T. Newberry
                                                     30th -  Ansley Van Epps

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

Welcome to Tolbert Yilmaz!

The programs at the Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance are designed to meet the needs of any dancer ranging from preschool to advanced professional levels.

The training provided can prepare any student who desires to pursue a career in the professional dance world. The emphasis is on dance as a rewarding, fulfilling experience within itself.

High quality dance training benefits all students in the area of physical development, posture, poise and grace. Intangible benefits of dance include the development of confidence, pride and discipline.

Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz
Mary Lynn Taylor