2022 Cast Lists for The Nutcracker

Congratulations to the OPEN SCHOOL cast of Roswell Dance Theatre’s 2022 Nutcracker!

If you have been cast but cannot accept your role, contact frontdesk@tysod.com by Wednesday, Sept 14 at 5pm to decline.

Although we would love to cast every dancer who auditioned, it is not always possible. If you were not selected this year, please know that we have auditions in January for our next production, Mary Poppins, in March.  Thank you to all who auditioned!


Note for Rehearsal Attendance:  Only one excused absence is allowed for all dancers. Attendance is mandatory at dress rehearsals at the Byers Theatre on Mon Nov 21 and Tues Nov 22. Please contact the frontdesk@tysod.com with any questions. More information below about rehearsals.

Dancer Name Role Cast
Helen Alexander Tea Corps 2
Charlotte Alonso Shepherdess 1
Isabelle Alonso Gumdrop 1
Emma Andersen Gumdrop 2
Emilia Arnold Bunny 2
Ella Barnes Cavalry 2
Bauer Basinger Angel 1
Kingsley Basinger Drummer Bunny 1
Isla Bell Gingerette 2
Sarah Bien Shepherdess 2
Emily Bine Angel 2
Ellie Blair Gumdrop 1
Tatum Bleisath Shepherdess 2
Jazlyn Bohnstedt Shepherdess 1
Emery Bonner Angel 1
Tallulah Borda Cupcake 2
Brynn Bowers Angel 1
Jocelyn Bowes Angel 2
Allie Bridges Angel 1
Kylie Bridges Angel 1
Charlotte Cabrera Gingerette 1
Reagan Cabrera Russian Kid 1
Ryleigh Cabrera Angel 1
Liza Cavender Shepherdess 1
Dylan Chapman Shepherdess 2
Sophie Chesarek Angel 2
Eloise Davis Shepherdess 1
Frannie Davis Gumdrop 1
Maddie Dean Shepherdess 1
Olivia Dean Angel 1
Sofia Demboski Bunny 2
Madeleine Di Cicco Cupcake 1
Collette Dickman Cavalry 2
Charley Dinsmore Shepherdess 2
Lauren Dresnok Tea Corps 2
Estelle Dwyer Cupcake 2
Charlotte Emma Lamb 2
Savanna Farmer Cavalry 1
Nicole Gomez Gingerette 1
Kendall Gould Tea Corps 2
Dancer Name Role Cast
Grace Gustin Cupcake 1
Caroline Hall Lead Gumdrop 2
Elle Hanak Shepherdess 1
Everly Hancock Bunny 2
Juliet Handy Gumdrop 2
Katelyn Haygood Shepherdess 2
Isobel Hebebrand Cupcake 1
Eleanor Heinisch Gingerette 2
Maggie Hemphill Russian Kid 2
Hadley Herrig Angel 1
Emma Holt Tea Corps 1
Tavaris Howard Lieutenant 1
Sofia Iacoucci Shepherdess 2
Kennedi James Gingerette 1
Sophia Jennane Gingerette 2
Coraline Jones Angel 2
Emma Kendrall Gumdrop 2
Charlie Kitchel Bunny 1
Kara Kneeland Tea Corps 2
Teagan Kneeland Angel 2
Addie Knepp Angel 2
Kamryn Lamb Gumdrop 1
Kennedy Lamb Cavalry 1
Charlotte Locke Gingerette 1
Grey Lowery Lieutenant 2
Camila Lupo Cavalry 2
Sammi Lynch Gingerette 1
Lila Mackie Drummer Bunny 2
Willa Magato Russian Kid 1
Emerson Magee Cupcake 2
Emeline Maher Cupcake 1
McKenna Maher Gingerette 1
Kennedy Mark Cavalry 2
Katharine Martin Bunny 2
Elise Mathews Shepherdess 1
Ilinca McGee Tea Corps 2
Katherine McKeveny Gingerette 2
Katie Lou McPherson Bunny 2
Mallory Mihich Lamb 2
Olivia Mills Shepherdess 2
Elena Montegna Gingerette 2
Elizabeth Morgan Gingerette 1
Dancer Name Role Cast
Beatriz Mosca Passador Cupcake 2
Reese Moylan Gumdrop 2
Marissa Muhs Gingerette 2
Molly Mulligan Clara’s Little Sister 1
Elle Nail Bunny 1
Sadie Tay Newberry Cupcake 2
Alexandra Noel Cavalry 1
Genevieve Noel Lamb 1
Mia Oh Bunny 1
Greer Olson Shepherdess 1
Laine Olson Cavalry 1
Molly Parnaby Tea Corps 1
Nina Patel Russian Kid 1
Audrey Penley Russian Kid 2
Elena Peter Angel 2
Julianne  Peter Angel 1
Hazel Phillips Shepherdess 2
Mila Pizarro Lamb 2
Katherine Quinn Shepherdess 2
Ella Kate Rice Clara’s Little Sister 2
Ella Rose Cupcake 1
Maddie Rose Lamb 1
Lavanya Shahbuddin Gumdrop 1
Lydia Shedid Shepherdess 1
Lilley Jett Shirley Shepherdess 1
Hannah Sims Lead Gumdrop 1
Carter Smith Angel 2
Sadie Smith Russian Kid 2
Claire Smither Angel 2
Sofia Sternowski Bunny 1
Zoe Tiliakos Shepherdess 2
Alexa-Grace Toms Gingerette 2
Mia Toreno Lamb 1
Eden Trinkowsky Bunny 1
Sofia Vargas Gingerette 1
Grace Vicars Tea Corps 1
Gemma Watson Tea Corps 1
Willow Watson Tea Corps 1
Sienna Wheeler Gingerette 2
Hailey Wilson Gumdrop 2

Please refer to the PURPLE sheet from the audition and mark all rehearsal dates for your dancer’s roles in your calendar. Full-cast rehearsals will be held on October 29, and November 5, 12, 19. Parts are double-cast so all open school dancers have an alternate.

Dress rehearsals will be held at Byers Theatre (Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center) on Nov 21-22.

Ten performances will be presented at Byers Theatre (Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center) on Nov 25- Dec 4.
Ticket Info and Sales

Parents NEW to RDT’s Nutcracker must attend an information session to learn details about rehearsals, costumes, performances, call times and volunteer requirements. Please plan to attend on Sat Sept 24 at 1:00 OR Thurs Oct 6 at 5:30. A Sign-up Genius will be sent out this week to sign up. (Returning families are also welcome to attend.)

Dancer participation fee: $225 (includes all rehearsals and performances)