2023 Cast Lists for Mary Poppins

Congratulations to the OPEN SCHOOL cast of RDT PrePro Company’s 2023 presentation of Mary Poppins!

If you have been cast but cannot accept your role, please contact us by Wed Jan 11 at 5pm at frontdesk@tysod.com to confirm. Participation fees of $200 will run through JackRabbit accounts on Fri Jan 13, 2023.

Although we would love to cast every dancer who auditioned, it is not always possible. If you were not selected, please know that we have auditions in the fall for our annual production of The Nutcracker.  Thank you to all who auditioned!


Note for Rehearsal Attendance:  Only one excused absence is allowed for all dancers. Attendance is mandatory at dress rehearsals at the Byers Theatre. Please contact the frontdesk@tysod.com with any questions. More information below about rehearsals.

Dancer Role Cast
Bauer Basinger Flower 2
Kingsley Basinger Flower 2
Isla Bell Little Jester 2
Tatum Bleisath Little Jester 1
Cora Bowers Duck 1
Allie Bridges Lead Duck 1
Reagan Cabrera Teddy Bear 1
Liza Cavender Teddy Bear 1
Sophie Chesarek Duck 2
Maddie Dean Little Jester 1
Olivia Dean Teddy Bear 1
Madeleine Di Cicco Teddy Bear 2
Charlotte Emma Flower 1
Savanna Farmer Duck 1
Avery Glover Duck 2
Nicole Gomez Little Jester 2
Grace Gustin Duck 1
Caroline Hall Flower 1
Eleanor Heinisch Little Jester 2
Maggie Hemphill Flower 2
Hadley Herrig Teddy Bear 1
Tavaris Howard Little Jester 1
Sofia Iacoucci Little Jester 2
Kennedi James Little Jester 2
Sophia Jennau Teddy Bear 2
Coraline Jones Teddy Bear 2
Anna Lester Little Jester 1
Gentry Looft Duck 1
Avery Loos Duck 2
Willa Magato Flower 1
Dancer Role Cast
Emerson Magee Duck 2
Emeline Maher Flower 1
McKenna Maher Little Jester 1
Kennedy Mark Flower 2
Elise Mathews Little Jester 1
Emerson McCullough Little Jester 2
Ilinca McGee Little Jester 2
Mallory Mihich Flower 1
Joni Mitchell Teddy Bear 2
Elizabeth Morgan Little Jester 1
Marissa Muhs Little Jester 1
Molly Mulligan Flower 2
Genevieve Noel Flower 1
Laine Olson Duck 1
Greer Olson Flower 1
Molly Parnaby Teddy Bear 1
Audrey Penley Teddy Bear 1
Elena Peter Duck 2
Julianne Peter Teddy Bear 1
Mila Pizarro Flower 1
Rowan Porche-Riner Toy Soldier 1&2
Katherine Quinn Teddy Bear 2
Ella Kate Rice Flower 2
Kassidy Schmidt Teddy Bear 2
Lilley Jett Shirley Little Jester 2
Hannah Sims Flower 2
Claire Smither Teddy Bear 2
Elanore Thurston Flower 2
Zoe Tiliakos Teddy Bear 1
Alexa-Grace Toms Teddy Bear 2
Lyla Zayas Lead Duck 2

Please refer to the AUDITION letter for details about participation and ticket requirements, volunteer expectations, and more. Parents new to RDT’s Spring Show must attend an information session on Sat Feb 4 to learn details about rehearsals, costumes, performances, call times and volunteer requirements.

Dancer participation fee: $200 (includes all rehearsals and performances)

IMPORTANT: Dancers may miss only ONE instudio rehearsal. If a dancer will miss a rehearsal, the parent is responsible for contacting the alternate to fill in and notifying frontdesk@tysod.com ASAP. Dancers are required to attend all tech and dress rehearsals for their cast at the theatre.

Please refer to the NEW SCHEDULE (version 2) and mark all important rehearsal dates in your calendar. Rehearsals will be held on Saturdays and the first rehearsal is Sat Jan 14.

Full-cast rehearsals will be held on February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18*, March 25. Parts are double-cast so all open school dancers have an alternate.
*March 18 is the instudio dress rehearsal and photo day. Please arrive 30 minutes early with hair and makeup done and all costume pieces with you. Cast 1 arrive at 11:30am. Cast 2 arrive at 1:00pm.

Dress rehearsals will be held at Byers Theatre (Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center) on March 22-29.

Four performances will be presented at Byers Theatre (Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center) on March 30 – April 1, 2023.