The Roswell Dance Theatre Company Results

Congratulations to all dancers accepted to the 2018-2019 season of the Roswell Dance Theatre and our new Preparatory Dance Program (PDP).

The PDP is an invitation-only program for our younger dancers (please see details below).

For our ballet company, we are introducing levels 1 – 14. Going forward, dancers will be evaluated yearly by levels. Multiple levels may be placed in the same class schedules.

The Modern Company groupings for 2018-2019 will be Junior, Senior and Principal.

To accept your company position(s), please refer to the registration instructions. Please note, all company registration is completed online and your completed registration is due June 15, 2018. If your contract and fees are not received by June 15, 2018, a $100.00 late fee will be applied. If your contract and fees are not paid by July 1, 2018, the offer to participate in any company is revoked including participation in The Nutcracker.

Preparatory Dance Program Information (PDP)
Our new Preparatory Dance Program (PDP) is a unique opportunity for aspiring young dancers to develop and refine their skills. We have selected a small group of dancers to be given individualized attention. We feel this new preparatory program will allow these dancers to grow and mature in their present abilities as they take part in the new preparatory program. Their curriculum will be based upon a structured schedule of training classes integrated with thoughtful critique from their instructors. They will have the privilege of one secured role in the Nutcracker as well as our Spring Production should they choose to take part in it.

The Preparatory Dance Program is considered a new division of the Roswell Dance Theatre. Our hope is these dancers will gain the technique and strength needed to become part of the various levels of company in the Roswell Dance Theatre in the future. We have carefully chosen the instructors who will teach these dancers on a weekly basis. We feel this will give them the optimum opportunity to progress. Dancers in the PDP will be expected to take 2 ballet classes, 1 pre-pointe, 1 jazz, 1 modern and 1 class of their choosing. At the beginning of the season we will accompany your dancer to Dance Fashions to fit their pre-pointe shoes.

As part of this program dancers will pay for 3 recital costumes (ballet; jazz; modern). Additional costume fees for any open school classes will apply. To participate in this program dancers pay a nonrefundable $30 registration fee; the nonrefundable yearly membership fee of $300 (covers PDP) and an annual tuition of $2250 (divided into nine payments of $250 per month from September 2018 through May 2019). PDP dancers invited to the Modern Company will have additional tuition and fees as outlined in the contract.

Please feel free to email any questions regarding the program to Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz at

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