Dancers thrive in the Ballet Company.

Established in 1985, the Ballet Company provides outstanding technique training and performance opportunities to its members. Dancers audition annually and are placed by level, based on ability. As dancers progress from Level 1 to Level 14, they will have the opportunity to excel in their dance abilities, perform regularly, and share their love of dance with others.

Dancers in Levels 1-14 of the Ballet Company attend classes each week totaling 6.5 hours of instruction. All classes focus on teaching and improving technique, as well as stage performance quality.

Ballet Company dancers are cast in two or more roles in the annual production of The Nutcracker and are invited to audition for roles in the PreProfessional Spring Concert.

Artistic Director: Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz
Assistant Artistic Director: Kassandra Taylor-Newberry
Associate Director: Mary Lynn Taylor

Introductory Levels of the RDT Ballet Company

The Preparatory Dance Program (PDP) is designed to allow young dancers to grow and mature in their present abilities and have the optimum opportunity to progress. Dancers are placed in PDP based on their auditions for the RDT Ballet Company. Built upon a structured schedule of training classes integrated with thoughtful critique from their instructors, the curriculum includes ballet, modern, and jazz, totaling 5 hours per week. The goal is for PDP dancers to gain the technique and strength needed to move up in the RDT Ballet Company in the future. PDP dancers will have the privilege of one role in The Nutcracker as well as our Spring Production should they choose to take part in it.


The Apprentice Company level is designed to accommodate dancers who are very serious about their training and have shown dedication and drive. They have an understanding of the technique that is expected of them and are working on refining the skills needed to be able to move up in the Ballet Company. Their curriculum includes ballet, pre-pointe/pointe, modern, jazz, and PBT (ballet ball conditioning), totaling 6 hours per week. Apprentice dancers will have the privilege of one role in The Nutcracker and are invited to perform in the spring show as well.

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2023-24 Weekly Class Schedule

Company members are challenged with higher expectations in weekly classes. In return, they receive focused attention on technique improvement, musicality, spatial awareness and everything they need to be a higher level performer.

The curriculum includes Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and Hip Hop classes, as well as optional Partnering, Variations, and other technique classes.

Ballet Company classes are indicated as either indicated Technique (T) or Performing (P) classes.

Teacher Key:
TYB = Tracey Yanckello Bayly  |  GMB = Gia Mongell Binner  |  PB = Pumkin Byrd  |  JD = Jeanne Deitrich  |  AE = Akeem Edwards  |  RG = Robert Gosnell  |  JH = Jonah Hooper  |  JK = Jena Kovash  |  BL = Brianna Levine  |  KTN = Kassandra Taylor Newberry  |  RS = Roscoe Sales  |  SS = Stacey Slichter  |  MLT = Mary Lynn Taylor  |  JW = Jenna Werner  |  NTY = Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz  |  CY = Claire Young

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