PrePro Spring Show

Each spring the PreProfessional Company stages a production that includes the PrePro Company dancers cast in the lead roles, supported by a large corps of dancers from the Ballet Company and Open School. Over the past several years, productions have included both classical ballets such as The Sleeping Beauty and Coppelia, and original interpretations of beloved stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Anastasia. Since the casting and choreography are so new and different each year, the spring show provides an exciting way for our dancers to further develop their performance abilities.

Participate in this year’s show, Alice in Wonderland!


The initial cast list for the spring show is posted during August boot camp and rehearsals begin immediately. Then, throughout the fall, additional parts are cast and the Saturday rehearsal schedule gets rounded out with all PrePro dancers. Ballet Company and Open School dancers audition for corps parts in the beginning of January and the hard work continues until the March show dates.


Lead and small group rehearsals for PrePro company dancers are held on weekends through the fall. The directors and teachers evaluate rehearsals regularly and adjust the schedule as needed, taking into account that the dancers are also rehearsing their Nutcracker roles.

Full-cast rehearsals are held on four consecutive Saturdays beginning in February. Hand props and set pieces are incorporated in these rehearsals so that all participants can fully practice their parts.

The production moves into the theater on Monday morning of show week. Tech and dress rehearsals are held after school during the week. Since the spring show is different each year, we often have to adjust props and costumes once the dancers begin dress rehearsals, so their attendance and focus are vital during show week.


The 2020 performance schedule is still “under construction,” as we continue to navigate the complicated COVID situation in our community. We are trying to plan as many performances as possible, to accommodate our dance families. We will announce the performance schedule as soon as possible, with the understanding that it may have to be adjusted if conditions require.