The MoCo Spring Concert is an annual event that began in 2017. It is held at the Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance main building. The venue has been a successful location for dance school families and local community members to attend.

The 2023 presentation, Evolution of… Dance in America, is a showcase of original choreographic works by MoCo instructors, members, and guests choreographers. There will be two afternoon performances, with seating for 200 at each show.

Direction and Choreography

The MoCo spring production is managed by Gia Mongell Binner, the director of the Movement Collective (formerly the Modern Company), and supported by Assistant Director Jeffery Duffy. Guests choreographers have included Ricky Davis, an Atlanta-based dancer with the Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company; Lara Davis, an instructor with the Academy of Ballet in Peachtree Corners, member of the Georgia Ballet, and choreographer of the award-winning film, “Capriole”; Jessie Kaplan, instructor at En Pointe Studios in Atlanta and dancer with Royal Caribbean Cruises; and Cameron Birts, a dancer with Whim W’Him Seattle Contemporary Dance and graduate of University of the Arts Philadelphia.

The show is performed by current MoCo students, and they are given the opportunity to choreograph and direct individual pieces. This experience provides an additional element of development for the students to understand both creative and leadership aspects of a public performance.


Two performances are presented back to back on one Sunday in April. At the intermission of each performance, audience members are invited to learn and perform a brief dance based on Modern technique. This interactive part of the event is meaningful for the guests and the dancers. There is also time to talk with members, choreographers, and the directors. The performance schedule is as follows:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Dress Rehearsal Early Matinee
Late Matinee
Clean up
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