Our dance school is where ballerinas begin.

Open School is for dancers age 2 and up! Our programs meet the needs of any age dancer, toddler to professional. High-quality dance training benefits all students in the area of physical development, posture, poise and grace. The intangible benefits of confidence, pride and discipline develop in parallel as students experience our programs.

Registration opens in March for the following school year. Choose one class per week or as many as you like, Beginner to Advanced Professional. Our dance season includes classes once each week September through May, ending with a recital for all performing classes. The calendar follows most Fulton County School System breaks, with exceptions including MLK Day, Presidents Day, and teacher workdays.

**Registration for 2019-20 dance classes opened in March — there is still time to enroll, so sign up today! **

Summer Classes and Camps are available too – it’s always a good time to dance!

So many choices every week!

The 2020-21 dance season schedule is coming soon. Registration opens in March.

Teacher Key:
TB = Tracey Bayly  |  MB = Mark Burns  |  PB = Pumkin Byrd  |  PD = Pat Dwyer |  GG = Gabrielle Gambino  |  LG = Lindsay Geidl |  RG = Robert Gosnell
HK = Hyeyoung Kim |  JK = Jena Kovash |  JL = Jo Lambert  |  KTN = Kassandra Taylor Newberry   |  PP = Peter Powlus |  LR = Leah Redner
DR = Daet Rodriguez  |  RS = Roscoe Sales  |  MLT = Mary Lynn Taylor  |  PT = Pam Tiedemann |  NTY = Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz

View/Download the current Studio Manual for class descriptions and other information.

My public is waiting – I am ready to DANCE!

2019-2020 Open School Tuition

Tuition payments are billed through JackRabbit, our online registration and account management system. There are 2 ways you can pay your annual tuition:

  1. The total for a full year of classes may be split into equal monthly installments. These payments are automatically charged to your account on a regular monthly schedule.
  2. The total for a full year of classes may be paid in full at the beginning of the year, earning you a 5% discount on your tuition total (discount does not apply to costumes or performance fees). Please email admin@tysod.com if you wish to pay for the year in full, stating your intention in your email with your name and contact information.

For Open School students, we combine all the hours taken per week by the dancers taking non-company classes in your family to calculate your amount due. For example, if Jill takes one ballet class and Sarah takes 2 jazz classes, tuition for their family is $165 per month for a total of three hours.

Classes Taken Monthly Tuition
45 Minutes $55
1 Hour $70
1-1/2 Hours $90
2 Hours $125
2-1.2 Hours $140
3 Hours $165
4 Hours $195
5 Hours $225
6 Hours $255
7 Hours $285
8 Hours $315
Additional Hours $30
We do have a few rules – check out our policies for Open School students.