The 2024-25 Dance Season is coming soon – check out the Studio Manual if you have questions about classes.

Our dance school is where ballerinas begin.

Open School is for dancers age 2 and up! Our programs meet the needs of any age dancer, toddler to professional. High-quality dance training benefits all students in the area of physical development, posture, poise and grace. The intangible benefits of confidence, pride and discipline develop in parallel as students experience our programs.

Registration opens in March for the following school year. Choose one class per week or as many as you like, Beginner to Advanced Professional. Our dance season includes classes once each week September through May, ending with a recital for all performing classes. The calendar follows most Fulton County School System breaks, with exceptions including MLK Day, Presidents Day, and teacher workdays.

Summer Classes and Camps are available too – it’s always a good time to dance!

So many choices every week! Check out the 2024-25 class schedule.

Teacher Key:
TYB = Tracey Yanckello Bayly  |  PB = Pumkin Byrd  |  PD = Pat Dwyer  |  AE = Akeem Edwards  |  JG = Jen Geist  |  RG = Robert Gosnell  |  KHS = Kyme Hersi-Sallid  |  JK = Jena Kovash  |  BL = Brianna Levine |  LS = Lindsey Sharrock  |  MLT = Mary Lynn Taylor  |  PT = Pam Tiedemann  |  AT = Amber Torralba  |  JW = Jenna Werner  |  NTY = Nancy Tolbert Yilmaz  |  CY = Claire Young

Need some more info? View/Download the 2024-25 Studio Manual for details and schedules.

Need to restock your dance bag? Check the Dress Code on our Policies page to find out what your dancer should wear to class each week.

My public is waiting – I am ready to DANCE!

2024-2025 Open School Tuition

Tuition payments are billed through JackRabbit, our online registration and account management system. There are 2 ways you can pay your annual tuition:

  1. The total for a full year of classes may be split into equal monthly installments. These payments are automatically charged to your account on a regular monthly schedule.
  2. The total for a full year of classes may be paid in full at the beginning of the year, earning you a 5% discount on your tuition total (discount does not apply to costumes or performance fees). Please email if you wish to pay for the year in full, stating your intention in your email with your name and contact information.

For Open School students, we combine all the hours taken per week by the dancers taking non-company classes in your family to calculate your amount due. For example, if Jill takes one ballet class and Sarah takes 2 jazz classes, tuition for their family is $215 per month for a total of three hours.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the registration process you will also need to pay:

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $50 per student.
  • First and last month’s tuition for 2024-2025 season – you will be charged tuition for the months of September 2024 and May 2025.

IMPORTANT FOR THE 2024-25 SEASON: Your 2024-25 season class schedule must be set no later than Oct 31, 2024. After that, class additions or schedule changes will incur a $75 late registration fee. All new students registering after Oct 31, 2024 will incur the additional fee.

Classes Taken Monthly Tuition
30 Minutes $50
45 Minutes $70
1 Hour $85
1.5 Hours $125
1.45 Minutes $140
2 Hours $155
2.5 Hours $190
3 Hours $215
4 Hours $285
5 Hours $355
Aerial Silks Class
Each Additional Class $65

Aerial Silks classes do not combine with other classes in calculating total monthly tuition.

We do have a few rules – check out our policies for Open School students.

Dance Shuttle & After-School Program

Our dance shuttle and after-school program is available for students from Crabapple Crossing, Mountain Park, Roswell North, and Sweet Apple Elementary schools from September through May. Registration in one or more of our dance classes is REQUIRED in order to request admittance to our after-school program.

For K-5 students enrolled in dance class, the program provides transportation and after-school supervision on days when they are registered for a dance class. Our large studio vans transport students from their school to our dance studio (601 Houze Way, Roswell, GA 30076) Monday through Friday each week. Students arrive at the studio and have a supervised program for homework, snack, and participation in dance classes. Student must be picked up from the dance studio by 6:30pm.

  • Registration for the 2024-25 season after-school program is open to enrolled students.  To sign up for the dance shuttle and after-school program, first secure enrollment in your dance class(es). After you are registered in your dance class(es), you can enroll in your requested day through your online portal (the after-school program will be listed just like the dance classes). Be sure to have your dancer’s information up to date with his or her current school listed on your account. Please be advised that if we do not have adequate enrollment, we may not be able to offer the after-school program for one or more days.  You will receive additional information and required paperwork during the summer. Lastly, please note, if you enroll in the after-school program and are NOT enrolled in dance classes on that day, your requested after-school enrollment will be automatically dropped.
  • Regular tuition rates apply and the after school program is an additional $20 per day, per student. The fee is automatically built into the dancer’s monthly tuition.
  • The cost is a flat fee per month — the cost remains the same even if your student misses a week.
  • Parent or Guardian must notify their child’s elementary school in writing that Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance is allowed to transport student.
  • Students are supervised before and after class by Mrs. Hillary Gustin. She helps students prepare for their dance class (clothing, hair, snack, etc.), and she also provides assistance with homework.