Dropping a Class

You cannot drop classes directly online through your JackRabbit online portal. To drop one or more classes, please complete the form below for each class you wish to drop. After you submit the form(s) online, we will confirm your drop request by email before dropping your student from the class.

PLEASE NOTE: Verbally discussing your need to drop or add a class with instructors does not make the change official. You must process your request online by the 25th of the current month using this online to make your change effective for the following month.

If you drop one class and add another, it is considered a schedule change and no charge is incurred unless the new class is a different length of time than the class being dropped. For example, if you were taking a 45-minute class and change to a one hour class, your tuition would increase from the fee for a 45 minute class to the fee for an hour class.