A GREAT New Way for TYSOD Students to Show Their Spirit!

Just when you thought life couldn’t get ANY more exciting at the Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance…IT HAS!

We know our students L-O-V-E their dance lives. They come to the studio smiling and ready to be creative and express themselves. The merchandise in our new online store reflects their BIG ENERGY, with fun styles that make great cover-ups for coming to class…or going anywhere else!

Check out what’s on sale and place your order today – there are lots of styles, but designs are only available for a limited time!

Questions and Answers

How is this store set up?
Roswell Dance Theatre has created a merchandise store using the Bonfire platform. Orders, payments, processing, shipping, order tracking and support are available from Bonfire.

How do I receive my order?
Orders are shipped directly to you. Refer to your email order confirmation for details. Products are available in 10-day “campaigns”, with all orders received during each 10-day period shipped at the end of the campaign. You’ll be able to see how many days are left in the current campaign before purchasing. Domestic orders will arrive 7-14 business days from the end of each campaign.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs are based on the number of pieces purchased per design. Multiple products from separate campaigns/designs have separate shipping costs.
For domestic deliveries, the shipping cost for the first product is $4.99 and increases by $2.50 for each additional product in the same campaign.

Thank you for showing your TYSOD DANCE SPIRIT and supporting Roswell Dance Theatre!