Week 10 Challenge Theme: ATTENTION SUPERHEROES: People around you need some inspiration these days… show us how you are using your DANCE SUPERPOWERS to help others. Masks and capes welcome!!
THIS IS THE LAST OFFICIAL WEEK of the challenge! Do you want to keep going…?

Are you ready for the CHALLENGE?

So you’ve seen the posters around the studio and followed us on Instagram at RDT_TutuChallenge and you wanna know what this is all about. The RDT Tutu Challenge is a photo contest with crazy rules, weekly Themes, and LOTS of great chances for you to show the world what you think about DANCE! There will be online shout outs and cash prize winners, and we may even have a few celebrities get involved. (WOW!)

Here is the scoop:

Fill out the form on this page to get REGISTERED. For your $25 registration fee you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY tutu and be eligible for online fame through weekly shout-outs, as well as the grand prizes awarded at the end of the contest in May.*

DUE TO CORONAVIRUS CLOSING: All tutus will be mailed/delivered. Please provide your address in registration form.

*See the official 2020 RDT Tutu Challenge Rules for eligibility info.

Keep up to date with weekly Tutu Challenge details by following RDT_TutuChallenge on Instagram or check this page (tysod.com/tutu).

Each Friday we will post a new theme and you will have the coming week to take and submit your theme-of-the-week pictures in your tutu.

Submit images by posting on your own Instagram or Facebook account and use #RDT_TutuChallenge so we can find them online AND tag us @RDT_TutuChallenge so we can repost. OR email your images directly to tutu@tysod.com. The contest will go on for 10 weeks – you don’t have to submit every week, you can choose the themes that appeal to you the most.

The contest closes on May 1. Starting May 2, our panel of 6 judges will go back through all the pics and select 3 cash prize winners. We will print some of the best pics to display on TYSOD recital weekend AND announce the winners later in May. Tutu Challenge awards were to be announced at the RDT Recital, but due to our COVID-19 closure we don’t know when that might happen at this time. (winners don’t have to be there to claim prizes).

We will invest the proceeds from the RDT Tutu Challenge into the dance company Costume department.  As we plan future stage productions, maintaining and building our costume inventory is important to looking our best onstage!